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Joomla is an eye catching looks and effective Content Management System (CMS). It is an open source solution that can be used readily and freely available to everybody who know the mean of style and network accessibility as well. It is used all over the world to start with a simple or personal homepages to complex corporate web applications.

The flexibility comes from add - on modules provided which can be easily installed as and when required. Joomla also comes with a user friendly administrative system that allows a patron to alter the content and the layout as and when required. Managing the website based on Joomla just needs an acquaintance with a browser and any office application like Microsoft Office or Open Source Star Office.

The framework has been supported by huge community of developers who designed and developed independent modules to add new features. Joomla features acquainted by web applications are available as Plug-in modules and extensions.

Document Management services
Photo and streaming video gallery
E-Commerce facility and Shopping cart (web store)
Forums Management and Private Chat Software
Calendars and Event Management extensions
Form Builder
Blogs Management
User Registration, user management and
Banner advertising systems & May more
E-Mail and Newsletter Services